Scott J. Sallinger -  Author, Speaker and Designer 

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Scott Sallinger showed his passion for creativity and design early in life. His fascination with Legos, tinker toys, and Lincoln logs was the first indicator of his future career. Growing up in Pasadena, California, he had a passion for all types of boards: keyboards, skateboards, surfboards, and wooden boards.

Scott began his entrepreneurial lifestyle while still in high school by offering handyman services to people in his neighborhood. He fixed fences, replaced faucets, added electrical plugs, and changed door locks. By night, he played music. His band, “54 East,” was a regular at Sunset Boulevard nightclubs such as Roxy’s, Gazzari’s, and Coconut Teaser.

As a songwriter, he tuned into the deeper meanings of life: relationships, self-awareness, and the world around us. He wrote about these life lessons and observations and continued to write long after his music career ended.

Just out of high school, Scott expanded his business to offer kitchen remodeling and room additions. Committed to learning all the trades involved in home contracting—such as framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, finish carpentry—he hired master craftsmen to both mentor and work for him.

While learning these trades, Scott developed a special interest in the arts of furniture making and cabinetry and began to experiment with different materials and techniques. Scott soon began to show his designs at art shows and street fairs, paying special attention to the problems people were having with making the most of their home environment.

With a desire to be part of his local community, Scott opened his first lifestyle store, focusing on historical kitchen remodels, furniture, and built-in cabinetry and showcasing the work of local artists.

Scott, an artisan and a prominent figure in his community, was elected vice president of the Monrovia Arts Association and co-founded the After School Art programs, which were implemented in eight schools. In addition, he promoted art in the community by co-founding the monthly Plaza Art Walk, where local artists demonstrated and showcased their work. He also mentored teenagers in the craft of cabinet and furniture making.

With a desire to develop himself both personally and professionally, Scott consulted with personal and business coaches and continued his education in Internet marketing, investing, writing, and philosophy. 

Using his skills in design and his team of tradespeople, Scott and his father developed a side business buying fixer-uppers then remodeling and selling them.

Scott and his business partner opened a second lifestyle store, which quickly became a hub for local artists and the community. The store showcased handcrafted art and contemporary home accessories and provided a platform for Scott to introduce his custom corner pieces, which he branded "Cornerture."

While studying industrial design at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, Scott developed his Cornerture brand into a retail line that was locally manufactured. He also produced an Internet series of how-to videos for the home, which helped establish him as an expert both locally and nationally. He appeared on several local television shows and was a guest artisan on the Christopher Lowell Show.

Cornerture began to draw the attention of the media as well as national furniture manufacturers that could produce these corner designs more cost effectively. Partnering with a few LA-based manufacturers, Scott developed and licensed the Cornerture corner bed as well as a multifunctional corner piece that was sold in Costco.

While maintaining his business of home designs and built-in cabinetry in San Francisco, Scott observed the common struggles people experienced with their homes and the connection between their "head space and home space," inspiring him to write his book. "A Heart fill Home" - How to create a living environment that aligns with your essence  

Scott is a member of Victorian Alliance (a Historical Home Preservation Organization), AIA , SF Designers, SF Made, and IDSA.