Design From The Corner Out

You may be surprised to learn that the average home contains 12 to 16 corners comprising approximately 144 square feet -- the equivalent of a small (12’ x 12’) bedroom! And, believe it or not, 100 million people in the United States live in condos and apartments where they need to maximize their small spaces. Corners are a substantial part of all these spaces.

Cornerture utilizes corner space much more efficiently than traditional corner furniture pieces with a unique shape, innovative storage and a simpler design. Created specifically to maximize space, create a better room flow and provides extra storage, you can finally make use of all of your wasted corner spaces. 

So whether you're in the market for a Corner Bookshelf, Corner Desk, Corner TV Stand or any other corner furniture piece, Cornerture has you covered. So go ahead and "Design from the Corner Out"...

The Evolution of Cornerture


Custom Cornerture pieces are designed, built and sold at the SJ Sallinger Store.


The Cornerture Modular System was showcased at the 2007 Las Vegas Furniture Market.


The Cornerture Bed was developed for Modus International and featured in Furniture Today Magazine.


Locally manufactured Cornerture was awarded the "Most Wanted Space Saver" by California Home Design.


The Cornerture Bookshelf was licensed through Powell Furniture and sold at Costco. 


New Cornerture pieces are currently being designed and developed for 2020.

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