Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Nook Spaces

SJ Sallinger Designs provides Victorian Built In Cabinet Designs that are painted white with display shelving and storage drawers that are consistent with the look and feel of your Contemporary or Victorian Home. These Custom Built In Cabinet Designs provide extra storage and organization for small spaces.

Adding a Custom Fireplace Nook Cabinet and Bookshelves to either side of your fireplace will provide extra storage and display shelves, making the best use of these often wasted nook spaces.

With a blend of timeless Victorian details and the clean lines and proportions of contemporary design, your Custom Built In Cabinet and Shelving will make the most of any home style.

Scott is the real deal. His company has created a number of built-in cabinets for us. He is easy to collaborate with, detail-oriented, and does beautiful work.
— Yelp Review

Transformed Fireplace Nooks