Congratulations... you have started taking control of your Life and Living space... 

We look forward to helping you discover and eliminate the elements in your Home that are stagnate, distracting, and stressful...

Creating a fresh new experience of your home, allow you to - concentrate better, relax more, improve your relationships, and live a healthier and happier life.

Your Free Home Life Assessment includes:

1) 1 - 3 hr assessment with Scott Sallinger - $550 Value           

2) A report of the assessment - $350 Value

3) A copy of the recording of assessment - $200 Value

4) Discounts on SJ Sallinger design services - $250 Value

5) A Year Membership to the Home Heroes community - $150 Value

Total Value =  $1,500  

By accepting this Free Offer, You agree to be interviewed and videotaped. You agree to sign a Video Consent form giving SJ Sallinger Designs and Your Sweet Space Education the right to use the video content for Marketing and Promotion.

You must own or rent a home in San Francisco to qualify.

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