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Whether you are moving in together, starting a family, downsizing, or ready for something new, there are hundreds of difficult choices to consider. Trying to make the ones that are best for you and your loved ones can get overwhelming and stressful.  Bad choices can drain time and money, as well as your psychological well-being. We will show you home to make choices on purpose and with a reason. 

At the Workshop, you will  ...

·       Learn the “3 essential keys” for making the best choices

·       Receive our process for selecting, storing and discarding what’s in your home

·       Become more efficient and learn time management techniques

·       Use our secret formula for spending money wisely and confidently

·       Design a space that expresses who you are and what is important to you

·       Learn how to maximize your space for storage and organization

·       Create a peaceful and comfortable home with purpose and intention


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